NFTY Competitions

What are NFTY Competitions?
NFTY Convention is an occasion to learn, network, and share ideas. This year's theme, Myself, My Community, My World, offers the chance to celebrate the ways in which we interact and engage with one another, and impact our respective communities, as well as the world at large. We want to hear about these incredible and innovative initiatives and projects, and the NFTY Competitions are an opportunity to do just that!
Every two years we challenge our teens to explore their creative and innovative outlets within a Jewish context through NFTY Competitions. In our ranks, we have leaders, painters, photographers, educators, scientists, scholars, sculptors, orators, activists, video producers and musicians. NFTY Competitions gives you an opportunity to bring our Jewish values and teachings to life through the medium that you're passionate about.
The NFTY Competitions include a series of categories relevant to the various ways that we connect with our Jewish identity.  Winners of the 2015 Competitions will be highlighted at NFTY Convention in Atlanta, GA, and will be offered various opportunities to continue pursuing their passions.
Competition Categories

This year, we're expanding the breadth of the competitions to spotlight the many different forms in which teens connect with their Jewish identity. There are two different types of competition: (1) NFTY's Got Talent, which highlights the tangible forms of expression such as art, writing, and video; and (2) NFTY Honors, celebrating the initiatives and projects teens are running in their communities that address meaningful topics such as leadership, social justice, and science and technology.

NFTY's Got Talent Categories:

NFTY Honors Categories:

Finalists & Winners

For each category, a panel of judges will thoroughly evaluate all entries. Teens will be notified of the results in January, and finalists and winners of each category will be widely celebrated throughout the URJ and our community.

Details about the prizes for each category can be found on the individual pages.


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