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iTorah emailiTorah is a NFTYite created piece of Jewish learning, focusing on questions for discussion and practical suggestions for using what was presented in your temple, camp or NFTY region.

Check our archives and follow the Torah portions, wrestle with questions from the Talmud, join the discussion with NFTYites across North America!
Last Issue
Eli Cohn-Wein, Kutz and NFTY Program Associate, considers gratitude and what he is thankful for this season.
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Every email included questions to continue the conversation about what was discussed. Continue the conversation!
Extended Archives
Since our first issue of iTorah in 2007, teens have contributed content on many topics including Torah, Social Action, God/Prayer and Jewish Living which is available in our extended archives. The format of the email has changed a bit and some links may no longer be active, but all of the exception content from our writers remains available online. 

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