Urban Mitzvah Corps

Urban Mitzvah Corps is an intense six week program which offers exciting social justice opportunities in and around New Brunswick, NJ. Participants and staff reside in the safe environment of the Rutgers University dorms where they have the opportunity to learn responsibility for themselves and the community.

The UMC community will have the chance to make a difference in the lives of the mentally and physically challenged, the underprivileged, and the elderly. Each participant will volunteer at two different service agencies throughout the duration of the program. Evenings are devoted to a thorough curriculum involving guest speakers, social activities, and current social justice issues.

This program offers a real chance for participants to engage with and explore their Judaism, as well as the opportunity to shape and provide input to the direction of social activities. Participants will also travel for a memorable weekend to Washington, DC to the Religious Action Center, where they will learn how to translate their social awareness and passions into direct political action.

To learn more about UMC or to register, visit our website at http://www.mitzvahcorps.org/programs/nj/.

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