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NFTY takes a stand in a way no other youth movement has, or can, with the launching of Living NFTY: GLBTQ Teen Inclusion. This expansive collection of materials includes Articles, Books, Helpful Websites, Jewish Resources, Readings & Poetry, Touchstone Texts, and Videos & Movies to help broaden our level of inclusion of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered and Questioning teens, to help all of our teens understand sexual orientation from a 360 degree perspective; and to ensure that NFTY continues its commitment to GLBTQ teen inclusion, and speaking up and speaking out about the worth of every human being, regardless of who they choose to love.

Additionally, NFTY has in the past already passed resolutions/recommendations related to this issue:

Resolution of the Executive Board of NFTY on the Boy Scouts of America

NFTY Resolution Concerning Homosexuality (1991)

NFTY Resolution Concerning Homosexuality (1983)

NFTY Resolution Concerning Same-Sex Marriages

This initiative was created in partnership with NFTY leaders Avra Bossov, Taylor Lyles, Aly Pavela, Molly Goldberg, Sam Brodkey, Rio Blue and Russell Lyons.


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