November 28, 2014   6 Kislev 5775
NFTY Competitions: Show us your talents!
NFTY is filled with talented teens. Show us just how talented you are! We have several competitions, ranging from singing, writing, creative arts, and more.

It's never to early to plan for summer... Go NFTY!
You could travel to Israel, ride your bike with other teens around Lake Michigan. Spend time in a city like New Orleans or Washington DC helping communities in need, or join the NFTY Leadership Experience at the teen-only Kutz Camp in New York.

NFTY at 75

Music is at the heart of religious life for Jewish singer-songwriter Josh Nelson. At its core, the URJ Kutz camp has served as a hub for the development not only of Jewish music, but also the teens that listen to it.

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