June 27, 2016   21 Sivan 5776



NFTY Takes a Stand Against House Bill 2 in North Carolina
During the weekend of April 15th-17th, NFTY Mid Atlantic Region (NFTY-MAR) and NFTY Southern Area Region (NFTY-SAR), both regions that have active teens in North Carolina, took action to urge the governor to repeal HB2. This anti-LGTBQ law does not resonate with NFTY’s mission statement or principles. Learn more about what NFTY is doing to take a stand against this kind of intolerance, and how you can take action yourself >



Save The Date: NFTY Convention
February 17-20, 2017 in Chicago!

NFTY Convention is a one of a kind experience – bringing together more than 1,000 Reform Jewish teens from across North America. Come join us and be part of something bigger (it’s NFTY’s biggest event!), experience shaping a Movement, and have a great time. Registration opens this summer – Until then, learn how you can begin planning your NFTY Convention experience >



Transgender and Non-Binary Gender Conforming Resources
NFTY is an open and inclusive environment, encouraging teens to truly express themselves with no sense of falsehood, pretense or fear. As such, we strive to create inclusion in both our relationships with one another and with the resources and education we can provide to help others understand, learn, and grow from the beautiful ways in which our community is diversely represented. View resources >


Fight With NFTY Against Gun Violence
More than 30,000 people die from gun violence in the United States each year. NFTY and the Reform Movement are outraged by the ongoing lack of action addressing this epidemic. Stand united with NFTY as we fight for gun violence prevention!
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