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NFTY Institutes offer you the chance to develop your personal Judaism in an area of focus that matters to you. Whether you're an aspiring songleader, rabbi, cantor or even Israeli dancer, NFTY offers opportunities throughout the year to advance your skills. Check out some of our upcoming institutes:

Watch for even more NFTY Institutes coming soon! New programs include Teen Social Media Institute and Teen Choral Musical Institute.

NFTY Nashir: Songleading Institute for teens
Nashir: Teen Songleading Institute

An exciting new opportunity to join with other teen songleaders for a weekend of training, skill development and hands on learning! Participate in intensive workshops, small-group specialty focused electives, individual evaluation and a musical Shabbat experience. All skill levels welcome.
Binah: Jewish Learning Institute

Binah weekends each focus on a theme that allows participants to explore their Jewish identity while engaging with some of the Reform Movements most dedicated scholars and teachers. Join with a select group of high school students from across North America and take part in an incredible weekend of growing, learning and leadership development.
NFTY Nirkod: Teen Israeli Dance Institute
Nirkod: Teen Israeli Dance Institute

Turn your passion for dance into a valuable skill that can be shared in your regional camp, congregation, and TYG. Learn an extensive repertoire of dances and go home with the music to begin teaching in your home community. Whether you're just beginning your Israeli Dance journey, or you've been dancing for years, there are benefits for every level of dancer!
NFTY Institutes are in the News!
Shalom TV recently featured our innovative new institutes, showcasing these great skill-building experiences for teens.

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