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North American Board Meetings

In June of each year, the newly-elected and installed regional boards come together at the URJ Kutz camp for Mechina. The English translation of Mechina is "preparation", which is the truly what Mechina is designed to do; prepare regional board members for the upcoming NFTY year. Part of Mechina is the Asefah (General Board Meeting), which is where proposed legislation is officially presented and voted upon. All documents pertaining to the asefah at NFTY Mechina are available below.

Proposed Legislation - Veida 5775
Action Theme Proposals

*Please note that this year's Action Theme can be renewed for 5775-5776. "Shivyon - Equality" can be found here.

Zechut V'Oshek - Privilege and Oppression


Study Theme Proposals
*Please note that this year's Study Theme can be renewed for 5775-5776. "Am Yisrael V'Ha'Shem" can be found here.
“Hineini” - Here I Am: NFTY Studeis the Power of the Individual


Chaim Im Kavanah - Living with Intention: NFTY Turns Intention into Action

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