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For years, NFTY has published resources under the Living NFTY banner to promote awareness and support issues that are relevant to teens and the adults who work with teens. This ongoing lifestyles initiative is created as a partnership between NFTY staff, NFTY participants, and our valued partner organizations.

Below, find all of our Living NFTY initiatives and many other resources NFTYites use to truly Live NFTY.

GLBTQ Inclusion

NFTY takes a stand with Living NFTY: GLBTQ Teen Inclusion. NFTY continues its commitment to GLBTQ teens, and speaking up and speaking out about the value of every human being.
Eating Disorders

Eating disorders affect women and men of all ages, races and religions. Through our collection of information about organizations, articles and ways to reach out for help, it is our hope that we can provide needed resources so that we can fulfill the Jewish value of pikuach nefesh – saving a life.
Bullying, Teasing and Harassment

We have assembled a collection of resources on bullying, including information about helplines, ways to get involved in eradicating bullying in your community, programmatic resources and more.
Safe Driving Pledge

Over 600 NFTYites have signed a pledge to drive cell-phone free. This pledge was inspired by Jacy Good, whose parents were killed in a car crash caused by a distracted driver who was texting while driving.

Grief and Mourning

Our NFTY community is here to support us in the best of times, and in the most challenging of times. As we continue our Living NFTY Initiative, we pause to learn about how we can help one another through times of grief and mourning.

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NFTY Action Theme
Each year, NFTY’s General Board - comprised of elected officers from every region - adopts an Action Theme. This theme, typically a current issue in the world, serves as a blueprint for the year’s social action activities and determines the direction of much of the year’s programming and action.
NFTY Study Theme
Every year, NFTY selects a Study Theme for its Temple Youth Groups (TYGs) and Regions. The NFTY Study Theme is a topic on Jewish religion and culture that is to be studied in depth over the course of the year.

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