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Take a minute to reflect on your NFTY journey, no matter how you are affiliated. Whether it was called CRAFTY, LIFTY, WFTY, or NFTY-NAR, this region has played a major role in shaping lives, creating meaningful friendships, and empowering teens to continue their Jewish journeys.

However, the vast majority of Jewish teens remain unengaged in Jewish life. For the past two years, NFTY leadership in New York has focused on programming, marketing and removing barriers to entry to help our community reach more of the 60,000 unengaged Jewish teens in New York. We discovered that no matter how amazing our programs are, if we cannot overcome these obstacles we have lost the opportunity to engage and NFTY in the New York Area will not grow.

There are three major ways that we can overcome these barriers to entry. First, we can develop a greater scholarship fund to lower our event costs, offer merit scholarships, and provide financial incentives for joining our community. Second we can create the highly effective, yet expensive, specialty programs for niche audiences to meet teens where they are and expand our reaches. And third, we can expand our adult leadership to have more experienced professionals to aid our growth.

With your support, we can make these dreams a reality.

Through our fundraising efforts last year, we raised over $16,000 to temporarily limit event costs as a barrier. We reached more teens than in the past four years. By doing this, over 100 new members this year have had the opportunity to find personal journeys in NFTY.

We believe that by raising this amount, the NFTY-NAR community will be able to double the scope of our region to reach 1,000 teens in the New York metro area. It is our hope that, by doing so, every new member will find personal meaning in the NFTY-NAR community and continue to be a part of our community for years to come. We hope that you will support us in our endeavors to grow our region, reach our peers, and imprint their lives with the Jewish experience of NFTY.

Please join with us in our campaign by donating to the growth of our region.

Sam Barnett-- NFTY NAR President 5774-5775
Joanna Orland--NFTY NAR Strategic Planning Committee Co-Chair 5774-5775
Alexis Jackson--NFTY NAR Strategic Planning Committee Co-Chair 5774-5775
NFTY NAR Regional Board 5774-5775

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