Welcome to NFTY's Northeast Region! NFTY-NE brings together Reform Jewish Teens from Upstate New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and Montreal, Canada. Our members come together at many times during the year for learning, fun, worship, community service, and fellowship. NFTY-NE helps young Jewish adults build and strengthen lifetime ties with each other and Reform Judaism. More about NFTY-NE >

Congratulations to BEFTY on hosting a marvelous regional Conclavette!
And the nominees are...

NFTY-NE: The Power of Planning a Region-Wide Event

After a snow storm (ironically named Nemo) cancelled Winter Wonderland last year, all of MANTY really wanted to create an amazing event...

NFTY-NE: SpongeBob and Our Jewish Community

What was I doing trying to discuss SpongeBob SquarePants at a Jewish service? Relating to Judaism is hard; relating to cartoons is child’s play.

NFTY-NE: Jewish, Feminist, & Strong: Lessons from my Role Model

My parents don’t talk about feminism, but feminism is not lacking in my household. Still, the words “equality of opportunity,” or “feminism” have rarely been said aloud under this roof. As my interest in feminism continues to expand, I rely more and more on my mom to be my role model of the strong, Jewish, feminist.
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