Shalom and welcome to NFTY's Pennsylvania Area Region! NFTY-PAR brings together Reform Jewish Teens from Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey. Our members come together at many times during the year for learning, fun, worship, community service, and fellowship to help young Jewish adults throughout the region build and strengthen lifetime ties with each other and Reform Judaism. More about NFTY-PAR >

Join us May 15-17 at Camp Harlam to kick-off our 2015-2016 year together! This will be the first event planned and lead by the new NFTY-PAR Board. This event's focus is arts, sports, new members, meeting people and getting a taste of NFTY. Registration will open soon...join us for an awesome weekend!!
Are you interested in learning more about NFTY-PAR? Do you want to start a temple youth group? The NFTY-PAR Board would love to join your members or interested teens for a caravan to help move your congregation forward. Please contact us for more information.
Registration is open for Spring Kallah 2015! Join us April 10-12 as we celebrate our year together and honor our TYGs and leaders at our banquet. Click event information today and register now! See you there!!
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10/23 - NFTY-PAR Fall Kallah (Until 10/25)
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NFTY-PAR – Ongoing Professional Development: Wait, How Do You Do That?

NFTY » NFTY-PAR   |   May 8, 2015 12:00 AM
“If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow.” This wise and intuitive statement was spoken by none other than one of the fathers of education, John Dewey. We are all educators. Whether you spend the lion’s share of your time planning and executing traditional education programs, youth group programs, or simply spending time with your families, we are all constantly teaching each other. As Jewish Educators, we believe that we should lead by example in every facet of our lives. This resonated with me when I was asked to participate this year in a joint venture offered by NFTY-PAR and Camp Harlam.

NFTY Alumni: It’s Not Too Late to Make a Difference on Campus

NFTY » NFTY-PAR   |   Apr 16, 2015 12:00 AM
The end of the academic year is upon us, but that doesn’t mean campus programming and engagement has to come to a halt. NFTY Alum Alex McKeen, Ithaca College class of 2017, shares some ideas you can bring to your campus.

NFTY-PAR: The Impact Youth Group Makes on a Congregation

NFTY » NFTY-PAR   |   Feb 5, 2015 12:00 AM
I would not be here were it not for NFTY. My guess is that, for many of us, that’s true. Our youth group has recently rebuilt itself through the hard efforts and commitment of several teens, like Jason Kramer, Ariel Friedlander, and Abby Kamen, and our talented advisor Avi Remetz. It would be easy to say, “my kids did that and are grown—it’s not for me.” or “my kids aren’t old enough yet”, but I would ask you to see our Youth Group as an essential aspect of the congregation, and to support it. For in doing so, you support our future as a congregation. L’dor Vador Nagid Godlecha: From generation to generation, we will tell of Your greatness. L’dor vador—in every generation, may WE protect this chain.
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