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NFTY Action Theme

2014-2015 NFTY Action Theme
“Shivyon - Eqaulity"
NFTY Addresses Gender and Sexuality Equailty

"Love your neighbor as yourself" Leviticus 19:18 

While NFTY has taken steps towards gender and sexuality equality, such as the support of marriage equality by the NFTY General Board in 2003, and its unanimous reaffirmation in 2013, there are still elements of NFTY’s culture and traditions that are not inclusive for all teens. Each of our members has more to learn about the issues and current climate surrounding gender and sexuality inclusion and equality modern society. Our commitment to continued learning will lead us to make important strides in actively pursuing a more inclusive NFTY for people of all gender identities and sexual orientations.

NFTY Action Theme Resources
Example touchstone texts, implementation plans and resources to help develop the action theme.
A text study to help develop the action theme.
Additional NFTY Action Theme Resources
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