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Every youth group can benefit from fundraising efforts throughout the year. Fundraising makes future events possible and also helps keep costs low for each participant. Money can also be donated to a specific charity or cause. Many pieces of the youth group program require money to support the activities – including social activities, travel to far events, giving scholarship, eating meals, program materials and more!

Here are just a few important things that your TYG can fundraise for:
  • Financial assistance for NFTY event fees, Israel travel and camp
  • Event supplies
  • Supplement expensive activities (Rental Space, Large Events)
  • Supplies and Postage to send care packages to members or alumni or live out of town
  • A TYG trip to New York, Europe or even Israel!

Fundraising can make a lasting impact; empowering everyone to do more, help others and play an active role in the community!

Use the links above to find more information and sample fundraisers you can try.

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