Joe Biden was born November 20, 1942, in Scranton, Pennsylvania, the first of four siblings in an Irish-Catholic family. The family later moved to a middle-class neighborhood in Delaware. His father was a car salesman, and together with his mother, they worked hard to teach their children to stand up for what matters most.

Joe graduated from The University of Delaware and Syracuse Law School and served on the New Castle County Council. Then, at age 29, against almost impossible odds, he became one of the youngest people ever elected to the United States Senate, beating an incumbent Republican.


The Stats

Birthdate: November 20th, 1942 
Place of Birth: Scranton, PA 
Family: Neila Hunter (died 1972), Jill Tracy Jacobs (wife), Joseph Biden, Robert Hunter Biden, Amy Biden (died 1972), and Ashley Biden (children)
Religion: Catholic 
College: J. D. at Syracuse University College of Law, B.A. at University of Delaware 


  • Committee Chair, Foreign Relations
  • Co-Chair
    • Nato Oberservers Group, Caucus on International Narcotics Control
  • Committees
    • Judiciary
  • Subcommittee Chair
    • Crime and Drugs
  • Subcommittees
    • Antitrust Competition Policy and Consumer Rights
    • Human Rights and the Law
    • Immigration, Border Security, and Refugees
    • Technology Terrorism
    • Homeland Security)
  • County Council (Newcastle, DE)
  • U.S. Senator
  • Democratic Presidential Candidate 1988, 2008
  • Democratic Vice-Presidential Nominee 2008


  • Board of Advisors, Close Up Foundation
  • Hall of Fame, Delaware Volunteer Firemen's Association
  • Honorary Chairman, Unite Our States

Prior Occupation: Lawyer, Constitutional Law Professor

Current Job/Position: US Senator from Delaware

The Issues

Iraq War (

Idea overview: “The United States should work with the international community and Iraq's leaders to support a political settlement in Iraq based on federalism… There is no military solution in Iraq, only a political solution.”

Health Care (

Idea overview: “Joe Biden’s CARE plan proposes four essential steps toward universal health care: Cover all Children, Access for Adults, Reinsurance For Catastrophic Cases, Encouraging Prevention and Modernization” “Joe Biden will establish a Comparative Effectiveness Panel to: evaluate treatment protocols, medical devices and new technology and establish best practices for management of chronic diseases.”

Economy (

Idea overview: “First of all, we're going to end this war. It's $100 billion a year we're spending. Eliminate the tax cuts for people making over a million bucks --that's $85 billion a year. Eliminate the tax break for investment on dividends--$195 billion.”

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