High Holy Days
Rosh Hashanah
begins Wednesday, September 4, 2013 at sundown
Yom Kippur
begins Friday, September 13, 2013 at sundown

In preparation for 5774, we invite you to take time to reflect and renew as we begin a new year. The Elul Self-Evaluation is a perfect way to individually assess our accomplishments, take note of our challenges, and vision for our futures.

We hope you will find this information helpful as we begin our High Holy Days. On behalf of the NFTY Board and the NFTY Staff, we wish you a healthy, sweet and joyous new year.

URJ High Holy Days Resources
Find more resources for the High Holy Days from the URJ.

Other Religious and Cultural Resources
This section is intended to help NFTYites produce their own truly creative worship experiences.

Music and Songleading
Check out the wide selection of amazing music to complement any gathering.
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Additional Resources
This winzip file is a collection of Word files with general information and programming tips for the High Holy Days. Need an idea for a HHD program? Check out this file.
All you ever needed to know about the High Holy Days can be found in this extensive resource packet. This is an Adobe Acrobat file, and requires the program Adobe Acrobat Reader to be viewed properly. Originally created by the UAHC Youth Division and KESHER.
Take a look at some of these great text studies available for your use during the High Holy Days.
This is a ready-to-use Rosh Hashanah Siddur! Included in this .zip File: Tashlich Services, Morning Services, and Evening Services.
In this iTorah, originally published in September 2009, Emma Jaszczak writes about the High Holy Days as a time for new beginnings.
This program is an opportunity to introduce teens to the period of repentance and reflection during the weeks before the High Holidays. The program gives them an opportunity to reflect on the past year and consider opportunities for change in the coming year.
This iTorah, written by Seth Hurwitz in October 2008, discusses the meaning of Yom Kippur.
Reform Judaism Magazine's conversation with Marsha Bryan Edelman about the Kol Nidre.
Ready-to-Use Yom Kippur Liturgy! Included in this .zip file: Neilah Services, Morning Services, and Evening Services.
A great sample service by Helaine B. from Temple Mt. Sinai in El Paso, TX.
To download the Hebrew fonts that correspond with the files on this page, please visit our Service Templates page.

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