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Teen LeadersBeing a member of the TYG Executive Board is an honor that comes with a great deal of responsibility. The resources available on this website and in the NFTY TYG Starter Guide include valuable information about leadership. You will find details the responsibilities of each position on the Executive Board, but it’s important to remember that we are all a team. We must remember to support each other and work together, recognizing each other’s strengths and weaknesses to continue to improve our TYG.
One thing to keep in mind throughout the year: document important information that will be helpful for the next person who serves in your position. REMEMBER to have a great time too! Your enthusiasm attracts others and we want lots of people to know how great it is to be involved with our TYG!
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Generational Leadership
NFTY uses Generational Leadership as a foundation of much of the holy work we do. Predicated on a fundamental belief that in order to find balance in our immediate work as a NFTY leader, our focus can not solely be on our time in office, this one special year with a well-earned title attached to our name. Rather it must be a panoramic view of leadership, learning from those who came before us, and making choices to ensure the existence of the next generation. More...
Sample TYG Board Job Descriptions

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