Guide to TYG Elections

This resource page explains many of the general and specific procedures that take place on the big day. It is important to note that there is not a "single" approach to Elections. These documents offer one way - or at times a few ways - and simply may not "work" for every TYG.
Each TYG’s scenario is as unique as each TYG’s group dynamic.  What is most important is that there is a team - composed of youth and adults, lay and professional staff - working together to hammer out a procedure that appropriately serves your TYG and congregation.  Herein, we offer you resources that may be of use to you in this process.  Whichever route you pursue, we encourage you to “own” your own Elections and we wish you much success!

TYG Election Quick Guides
Documents To Get You Started
Sample Job Descriptions

These materials were originally compiled by Amy Nissim who served as NFTY Garden Empire Regional Advisor from 2001 to 2005, and have been adapted and revised over the years as NFTY continues to expand. Revised April 2016.

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