Israel Programs
A program that introduced some of the social and political dilemmas faced by Israel and Israeli citizens, educating participants that for certain issues there isn’t necessary one solution, rather various opinions and positions
A program designed to prepare participants to free-time options while making them learn new things about Israeli culture and places in Israel
Check out this resource for ideas for you and your TYG to observe and commemorate Israel Memorial Day. This document, created by NFTY Shaliach Roey Shiff, contains a handful resources including articles, personal stories, suggestions for poems and videos, opening & closing remarks, and more to be used in programs about Yom Ha’Zikaron
A program that discusses the essentiality of Israel Defense Force, examining its role, its past and current challenges, and the code of ethics which guides its soldiers
A program that examines Israel and the pp's connection to it through the three aspects of the people, the land and the Torah
An educational program and resources on violence and incitement to violence in a democratic society
A Guidelines for a full or abbreviated ceremony, dedicated to Yitzhak Rabin memory
An educational program and resources from ARZA relating Rabin’s memorial to the act of Tikun Olam
A program designed to learn about Israeli society through the use of humor - Israeli satire clips
A Power Point presentation telling the story of Gilad Shalit's capture and the inner workings of the Israeli political system when trying to decide on a deal for his release
A knesset simulation where the participants debate the heart breaking question of the captured soldier Gilad Shalit
A proposal for a Tu Bishv'at Seder, complete with overview of the holiday, discussion questions, songs and more. Courtesy of "Merkaz Maase" that specializes in creating meaningful volunteering programs in Israel
A program that takes an in-depth look on the history, present and future of U.S - Israel relations (originally designed for the Kutz camp)
Develop an understanding of what life is like for Israeli teens.
Simulation that encourages participants to think critically about values within a community.
Program educating participants about the World Zionist Congress.
Additional Programs Written by the URJ Schaliach

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