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Here you will find NFTY programs focusing on social action.  To see programs based upon NFTY Action Themes, check out the NFTY Action Theme


Social Action Programs
A program from NFTY-NW about the 2010-2011 Action Theme, "Overconsumption."
In this program from NFTY-TOR, participants will learn how they can further environmental causes through advocacy.
Participants will gain a greater understanding of the impact that our eating habits are having on the environment.
Participants will examine biases in the media and discuss what is ethical when reporting facts.
Alert participants about issues that plague our society and discuss how to prevent repetition of those issues.
Participants will have the opportunity to learn about life with a disability and examine Jewish text around disabilities.
Learn about different types of effective advocacy and when and how to apply them in situations.
Participants are divided up into lobbyists and legislature to learn about lobbying for environmental regulations.
A program intended to provide a very basic environemental education on topics inlcuding: pollution, ozone, endagered species and recycling.
A comprehensive program to learn about different environmental organizations and the obstacles against regulations.
A Tu'Bishvat program all about Tree's!
Teaches participants about the importance of recycling as participants decorate recycling bins.
Relates the Passover story to the situation in Darfur after participants view the film, Hotel Rwanda.
Includes a trust walk, discussion about aspects of health and healthcare, and the making of cards for a children’s hospital.
Text and discussion-based program about the relationship between sexuality, Judaism, and popular culture.
A carnival at which participants do Social Action projects. Includes an extensive list of “carnival stations.”
Multi-section program in which participants view the film, Paperclips, and then discuss the relationship between the Holocaust and the genocide in Sudan.
Author(s): Hayley Marcus
Created for: NFTY-NE Summer Institute 2005
Author(s): Aaron Arbiter – NFTY-NAR SAVP
Created for: NFTY-NAR Fall Kallah 2005, Kutz Camp
Social Action Programming Resources

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