Teen Issues
teen issues programs
A program on girls intended to further their female connection to Judaism.
A program for males inteded to further their male connection to Judaism
Participants will have the opportunity to take a personal inventory about their emotional "baggage" and examine how it affects their actions.
A look at the perceived role of women in both society and Reform Judaism.
Discussion program which addresses popularity and dating.
The program participants will walk away with a better understanding of the values and how they relative to their relationships.
This program will engage PPs in a thoughtful discussion about Jewish role models based on gender.
This program will allow participants to have an open conversation about sex while discussing Reform Jewish values.
The driving idea in this program is for participants to look at society, look at Judaism through the Torah, and then to look at themselves.
Participants depict specific Jewish values through collages and then discuss the relationship between these values and sexuality. Highlights the Jewish concept that sex involves the heart and mind in addition to the body.
PP's will discuss sexual values and what values are most important to them.
Engage each PP in a quality discussion about what their opinions on and what various Jewish texts have to say about gender roles, sexual preferences, reproductive choice, and teen sexuality.
Participants discuss religious understanding and create a mural.
PP's will gain an understanding of the differing abilities each gender possesses.
Engage PPs in a thoughtful discussion about who we are, and who of the same gender has made an impact upon us, and how, because of community, we are more complete people.

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