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Service Outlines
The Choreography of a Service
The Process of Compiling a Service
Writing D'vrei Torah
Reform Judaism has always been committed to creative worship and Jewish learning, mixing tradition and expression to form meaningful Jewish experiences. NFTY has long been at the forefront of creative worship and informal Jewish education.

This section is intended to help NFTYites produce and enhance creative worship experiences while working within certain boundaries of the Jewish tradition. It is important to remember that worship experiences cannot be confined to praying in a temple. Worship can occur during a service, outside alone in the woods, holding hands with a friend or listening to music. NFTY works to facilitate all kinds of meaningful, interactive exerperiences that allow NFTYites to explore worship. 

This section also provides resources to help bring Jewish content to TYG, regional and camp programming - whether it is learning how to write a d'var Torah or take action on issues related to the current situation in Israel.

Shabbat Resources
Shabbat Rituals & Traditions
Originally created to help foster Shabbat experiences on campus, this great guide walks you through the principle rituals of Shabbat and prepares you to lead your own service.
Shabbat Service Templates
Browse our collection of services from around NFTY and find supplements and reading guides to help you create a great service.
Havdalah Service Outline
Learn the basics of creating your own Havdalah service. This outline walks you through all of the pieces and gives tips for a great Havdalah.
Recommended Reading and Music for Shabbat
Enjoy these selections from URJ Books and Music that will surely add a great dynamic to your services.
T’filah Toolkit
This toolkit, brought to us by NFTY-NAR, is designed to make writing prayer services much easier. There are two parts to this toolkit; a set of T’fialh templates and a service bank.
Shabbat Resources from the URJ
The URJ has many great resources you can use to create a memorable Shabbat experience.
iTorah Archives
An Attitude of Gratitude
A special edition of iTorah focusing on gratitude and reaching for what we're truly thankful for.
Elul Reflections
Jews everywhere spend the Hebrew month of Elul reflecting on their past year and preparing to ask for forgiveness and make teshuvah for their transgressions. In his D'var Torah from the first week of Kutz Camp in summer 2011, NFTY's 62nd President, Forrest Yesnes, reflected on the power of controlling your temper and handling frustrating situations with grace.
Greening Efforts
NFTY has continually sought to promote an awareness of environmental considerations and environmentally responsible acts by integrating Jewish values, learning and actions that promote sh'mirat ha-adamah. Read what some NFTYites were doing for their communities
Full iTorah Archive
Find specific articles and D'vrei Torah written by NFTYites for iTorah. These pieces are great resources for your own D'var Torah or other projects.
Additional Resources
NFTY High Holy Days Page
Find all of the resources you need for your High Holy Days events.
NFTY Program Bank
The Program Bank is a great place to find more programs and resources on a variety of subjects.
NFTY Music & Songleading Page
Check out Jewish music, books and songleading resources.
The Full Netzer Siddur
From Netzer Olami, this printable version of the Full Netzer Siddur offers a wide-range of blessings.

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