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NFTY is steeped in a rich history of social activism. We are commanded by our faith and urged by tradition to continuously seek to improve our world. The values of Tikkun Olam are some of the fundamental pillars of our organization. The great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.stressed the extraordinary power that a group of passionate people possess; NFTY is a group of thousands of passionate young leaders. Together, with our brimming enthusiasm and staunch resolve, we can accomplish incredible things.

In the Social Action section of the NFTY website, you will find a plethora of programs and resources to help educate yourself and your community about various social action topics. In NFTY, there are five main components through which we engage in social action: education, assessment, direct service, alliance, and advocacy. All of these seperate peices are explained within the Social Action section of the site. We especially encourage you to browse through this year’s Action Theme materials, which are devoted to a specific contemporary social action topic that is pervasive throughout the NFTY year. Judaism reminds us that although we are not obligated to complete the work of tikkun olam, it is our responsibility to work towards it to the best of our ability. As a movement, we join together in pursuit of justice. Best of luck on your adventure through the exciting world of social justice!

Find more resources from the Jewish Women's Archive: Living the Legacy
Living the Legacy (LTL) uses primary sources to explore the roles of American Jews in the Civil Rights and Labor Movements. The 24 lessons that comprise LTL include art projects, text studies, role-playing opportunities, and more, providing new entry points to Jewish identification for young Jews interested in social justice.

Together, b’yachad, we can do amazing things! Please feel free to contact if you have any questions regarding social action programming, resources or ideas.

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