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NFTY Study Theme

2014-2015 NFTY Study Theme

“Am Yisrael v'HaShem”- The People Israel and God: NFTY Wrestles with God 

At every Convention or Veida Asefah, NFTY selects a topic with foundations in Jewish text and tradition to explore as a movement. The Study Theme is proposed as a resolution, and voted on by the General Board. NFTYites are encouraged to examine and think critically about the Study Theme through the lens of Reform Judaism. Through programming, discussion and awareness, the Study Theme promotes Jewish moral values and understanding.

Reform Judaism promotes individualized explorations into our Jewish identity, which may result in the deviation from traditional practices and beliefs. As Judaism continues to evolve, people have formed diverse opinions on God. NFTYites have varying opinions on the existence and significance of G-d in our lives. For this reason, NFTY programming often shies away from the topic of God. This study theme, “Am Yisrael v’HaShem,” provides an opportunity for NFTYites to explore their own personal views and opinions on God.

NFTY Study Theme Resources
A website devoted to teaching all-things Jewish. Great resource for Holidays, prayer, and even recipes.
Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism
North American Federation of Temple Youth website
A project to increase awareness, tolerance and understanding of religions in America.
A great article by a high school Senior who touts the importance of Pluralism the Jewish community.
Additional Study Theme Resources
"Inspires and equips new generations of leaders from regions of conflict with the relationships, understanding, and skills needed to advance lasting peace."
Social and legal advocacy on behalf of the Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism.
"The international umbrella organization of the Reform, Liberal, Progressive and Reconstructionist movements, serving 1,200 congregations with 1.8 million members in more than 45 countries."
A project set forth by Brandeis University to better understand what Pluralism really means.
An endorsement of Pluralism by the 55th General Assembly of the URJ, circa 1979

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