November 26, 2014   4 Kislev 5775

Shalom and welcome to NFTY's Southern Tropical Region! NFTY-STR brings together Reform Jewish Teens from central Florida to the Keys. Our members come together at many times during the year for learning, fun, worship, community service, and fellowship to help young Jewish adults throughout the region build and strengthen lifetime ties with each other and Reform Judaism. More about NFTY-STR >

NFTY-STR Chai Five - Our Newsletter
This is our newsletter for August. The issue includes event dates and locations, an article from a NFTY-STR participant as well as NFTY definitions and much more.
This is our newsletter for October. The issue includes event dates and locations, an article from a NFTY-STR participant and much more!
This is our newsletter to close out Fall Kallah 2014. The issue includes event dates and locations, plenty of articles from NFTY-STR participants and much more!
This is our newsletter for November. The issue includes event dates and locations, an article from a NFTY-STR participant and much more!
Camp Jenny 2015

We are happy to announce that the theme of Camp Jenny 2015 is "Be Your Own Superhero!" Click HERE for the teen/NFTYite application. Click HERE for the Adult Volunteer application. Have questions? Check out our new FAQ page !

NFTY-STR 2015-2016 Intent to Run Packet
Are you interested in seeking a Regional Board Position? Click here for the NFTY-STR Intent to Run Packet!
Countdown to Winter Regional 2014
Countdown to Winter Regional in Orlando, Florida!

MVP Monday: Walking Through the Door

It can be hard to step away from a group of friends and welcome a new member in, but it’s something that is inspiring to everyone. At some point or another, we all felt like we were “lost” at a NFTY event, but we also all had that one person invite us to sit with them at dinner, be their partner for a mixer, or anything in between. After the participants are brought in by that one person, they will continue the same tradition in the future, which is something that is vital to the growth and success of NFTY.


This past weekend was packed with NFTY festivities, from NFTY-SW and STR Fall Kallah, CAR Kickoff, and Na'aseh V'Nishmah! Check out just some of the incredible things that went down!

NFTY-STR: Ice Cubes and Rocks

This past Wednesday, September 3, SchZFTY (Congregation Schaarai Zedek's temple youth group) hosted their first open house, a forum for our teens to simply hang out and get to know one another on a much more personal level. As decided by our youth advisor, Lindsey Morgan, and myself, at each open house of the 2014-2015 year, SchZFTYites will have the unique opportunity to participate in a 30 to 45 minute program addressing a social action theme correlating to either NFTY-STR SAVP (Social Action Vice President) Noah Baker's Monthly Mitzvah Theme, or a congregation-wide tzedakah theme. As SchZFTY's SAVP, one of my responsibilities is to collaborate with Lindsey and our programming team to write and conduct these programs.
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How to Join NFTY-STR
To be a member of NFTY-STR you first have to be a member of your local temple's senior youth group. Once you are a member of your local youth group, your local advisor will forward your NFTY-STR dues and contact info to the regional office. If you are interested in joining NFTY-STR and are not currently a member of a Union for Reform Judaism affiliated temple, contact Julie Marsh, the NFTY-STR Regional Advisor, for further assistance.

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